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Permanent make-up

Emphasize your natural beauty

Permanent makeup is intended to bring out the natural colour and contour of lips, eyebrows and line lash.

Thanks to the dental and local anaesthetics, permanent makeup is totally painless treatment.

This section presents the spectacular results which are experienced by our patients who have undergone a laser skin rejuvenation performed in our beauty parlors. The difference between “before” and “after” can be seen in the following pictures.

Making a permanent makeup consists in filling in natural pigments into intercellular space of epidermis. The pigments are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Effects of permanent makeup lingers for 3 years.

When the time lapses, pigments incrementally fades. This should be considered when the color is chosen.

You can have the permanent makeup at Laser DeLux at the price starting from PLN 149

Every consultation with our cosmetologists is always FREE!

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Body part price
Lips with filling 799 zł
Lips with modulating 799 zł
Lips contour 449 zł
Upper line (eyeliner type) 299 zł
Upper lash line 299 zł
Lower lines 299 zł
Eyebrows 449 zł
Thicken lines 149 zł

The permanent makeup cannot be applied in some cases. All these cases have been listed below:

  • diabetes
  • albinism
  • psoriasis
  • pregnancy
  • when taking steroids
  • when having active skin lesions - bacterial, viral, fungal
  • when having raised temperature or any infections
  • when taking antithrombotic agents
  • with diseases of the retina and cornea of the eye.

Before every treatment, it is necessary to meet with our cosmetologist to determine the desired colour and shape of the make up. Before the pigmentation, cosmetologist make the initial drawing, which shows approximate end results.

Cosmetologist always consider the client’s habits and the natural colour, shape and symmetry of exact part of the body.

During the treatment may occur swelling or irritate the skin. This is natural symptom which stands down quickly.

Using specialistic anesthetic creams may eliminate related to the pain discomfort.

Making a permanent makeup may last from 30 minutes to 1 hour - it depends from the treated place. It is possible to come back to daily activities the day after treatment.

  • 2-3 days after the treatment epidermis starts to flake. When it happens, it is very important to permanently moisturize the skin by the special creams or ointments. We recommend Solcoseryl or Alantan.
  • 4-5 days after treatment colouring fades about 50%. That is why it is not necessary to fear of the first impression right after the treatment when the colour is very intensive.
  • People with tendency to herpes should be taking antiviral medicines (e.g. Heviran)  and use antiviral ointments (e.g. Zovirax).
  • 3-4 weeks after the treatment it is necessary to make a correction which is aimed to reinforce and strengthen the results. Laser DeLux is not responsible for the results of treatment if the correction is not performed. First correction is always free, under condition that it will be made 5 weeks after the treatment. The date of correction is always booked right after the treatment. In other cases, correction costs PLN 200-300.
  • After a year of treatment, the supplement of permanent makeup costs 50% less than the actual price of this treatment. Supplementation of permanent makeup can be made more than a year after the treatment - it depends on the rank of makeup’s brightening.

Wszystkie treści zamieszczone w serwisie objęte są prawem autorskim i nie mogą być powielane ani rozpowszechniane lub rozpowszechniane dalej w jakiejkolwiek formie (elektronicznej i mechanicznej), w tym udostępniane w Internecie - bez zgody pisemnej Laser DeLux. Wykorzystanie treści w sposób niepożądany grozi konsekwencjami prawnymi.