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Skin discolourations removal

Get rid of your skin imperfections

Discolourations result from an excessive production of the pigment (melanin), whereas the number of pigment-generating cells (melanocytes) remains at the proper level. Melanocytes are located in the lower layer of the epidermis. They are capable of transforming a colorless substrate of tirosine into a brown pigment  - melanin - in the course of the chemical reaction. It is stored in the organelle called melanosomes, conveying the pigment to the cells that surround the epidermis (keratinocytes). Then the pigment along with epidermis cells go up towards its surface, where they are exfoliated in the stratum corneum.        

The discolouration intensity depends on the amount of melanin that has been generated. In most cases discolorations occur to females; barely 10% of males suffer from this ailment. The darker the skin the higher probability of the ill.

This section presents the spectacular results which are experienced by patients who have undergone a full series of treatments performed in our beauty parlours. The difference between “before” and “after” can be seen in the following pictures.


PALOMAR® MaxG™ head allows for reaching fabulous aesthetic results with no risk of complications. Comparing to other methods available on the market, this device reduces considerably the full recovery period. This is an intelligent solution provided for removal of vascular and pigment lesions.

The prices of laser discolouration removal at Laser DeLux start from PLN 199 per each discoloration.

Every consultation with our cosmetologists is always FREE!

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Body part price
Face 399 zł
Cheeks 299 zł
Front Neck 299 zł
Neckline 299 zł
Hands 299 zł
Single skin discolouration  199 zł

Permanent removal of skin discolourations cannot be applied in some cases. All these cases have been listed below:  

  • retinoid-based therapies (topically and systematically);
  • photoallergic herbs (St. John’s-wort, marigold, horsetail) and photoallergic drugs (antibiotics, steroids);
  • skin cancers;
  • photodermatoses;
  • skin inflammations;
  • suntanned skin, application of bronzer or self-tanning creams;
  • recent peelings;
  • diabetes;
  • connective tissue diseases, e.g. collagen disease
  • reduced immunity;

It is not necessary to prepare the skin in a particular way prior to the treatment. The skin should be clean, without pathological exanthemas. The treatment has to be preceded with the consultation.   

Owing to a unique cooling system, discomfort throughout the treatment is inconsiderable and there is no need of anesthesia. The treatment may be followed by a short-term (up to 2 days) slight redness and edema. If intensive, it is not needed to reduce patient’s activities.  

Over a few days following the treatment it is forbidden to use soap, spirit, alcohol-based tonics. It is not allowed to apply peelings and other treatments, and to dry the cured spots with a sponge or a towel. In addition, the skin surrounding the areas subject to the treatment should not be irritated.  

Wszystkie treści zamieszczone w serwisie objęte są prawem autorskim i nie mogą być powielane ani rozpowszechniane lub rozpowszechniane dalej w jakiejkolwiek formie (elektronicznej i mechanicznej), w tym udostępniane w Internecie - bez zgody pisemnej Laser DeLux. Wykorzystanie treści w sposób niepożądany grozi konsekwencjami prawnymi.