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Acne reduction

Say “STOP” to acne

You know acne very well by its inconvinient pimples and blackheads. It’s hard to win the war with it. But we have the perfect solution - laser acne reduction treatment. It’s the best, the fastest and the most effective way to get rid of that inconvinient defect.
No antibiotics, just laser!


Fotona® laser’s handpiece we’re working on is bactericidal and inhibits excreting of sebum. That is why the harmful pharmacological medication is not necessary because acne reduction treatment provides amazing results.

This treatment is definitely closer to natural skin renewal methods - there is no bruising side effects.

The treatment works on the inflammation. It is also antibacterial. Fotona® laser constricts acne’s maculo-papular rash and prevent the recrudescence.

Results can be seen right after the first treatment.

Treatment may cause reddening or swelling - both may last about 48 hours.

The laser skin rejuvenation cannot be applied in some cases. All these cases have been listed below:

  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • diabetes
  • some skin diseases - e.g. rosacea, psoriasis
  • suntan - also solarium 4 weeks before and after the treatment
  • some medicines
  • steroids
  • some viral lesions
  • photosensitizing medicines
  • using some herbs: e.g. calendula, John’s wort.

Before treatment we recommend:

  • not to sunbathe - 4 weeks before treatment
  • not to make any peelings - a week before treatment
  • not to drink alkohol - the day of treatment
  • to shave your skin a day before treatment
  • to wash off all cosmetics from your skin
  • treatment with anticoagulants, steroids, photosensitizing medicines should be interrupted a week before laser acne removal treament. You will be able to use these medicines again 14 days after the treatment.

After the treatment we recommend:

  • to avoid saunas and hot baths
  • to avoid sunbathing for 4 weeks
  • to avoid intensive excercises
  • to use creams with SPF 50 filtres for 4 weeks - if the treatment affected face
  • you can use cosmetics 24 hours before the treatment, but remember to avoid cosmetics based on alcohol
  • to back to Laser DeLux for an inspection visit - 2 months after the treatment.

Wszystkie treści zamieszczone w serwisie objęte są prawem autorskim i nie mogą być powielane ani rozpowszechniane lub rozpowszechniane dalej w jakiejkolwiek formie (elektronicznej i mechanicznej), w tym udostępniane w Internecie - bez zgody pisemnej Laser DeLux. Wykorzystanie treści w sposób niepożądany grozi konsekwencjami prawnymi.