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25% discount for cryolipolisys.

Pay when booking and get the discount!

Pay when booking and get the 25% discount!

You gain when you are decided! Make yourself acquainted with the rules of our promotion and be happy with your slim body as soon as it is possible!




Promotion rules:

  • The offer is irreclaimable
  • You have to pay for the treatment at once, at most 48 hours after booking the treatment.
  • The offer can not be combined with other promotions and valids until further notice.
  • Treatment booked for an exact day and hour can be postponed to the date selected by customer only 48 hours (exept Sundays and days free from work) before time when treatment should be started.
  • It is possible to change an hour of treatment in the day of booked treatment, only if the new hour is free and available during Laser DeLux’s work hours.
  • If you are not able to have your booked treatment in the cases different than afore-mentioned, the offer gets lost.